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The Prism Counselling team constitutes of a variety of allied healthcare professionals that share a common goal - improving your mental health and wellbeing. We offer individual, couples and family counselling, as well as hypnotherapy and dietician services. Located in the heart of Downtown Fredericton, our convenient location and virtual options make receiving services easy and accessible! 

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Regain Strength and Control through Individual and Couples Counselling Services in Fredericton, New Brunswick

So many factors can contribute to stress and discontentment throughout your life journey. These challenges can make it difficult to feel that sense of peace we strive for. Prism Counselling offers a wide range of counselling services in Fredericton, New Brunswick. We customize our treatment plans to assist you in reaching your unique therapeutic goals by providing tailored services for individuals, couples, and even families. We also provide affordable therapy options and virtual appointments to remove barriers in accessing the quality services you deserve.

About Our Counselling Services

At Prism Counselling, we offer both individual and couples counselling in Fredericton, New Brunswick. For individuals, we can assist you in a large variety of capacities. Whether you are struggling with anxiety and depression, trauma, or are looking for some guidance towards a career change, we can help you out. Just like the people that seek out our services, our therapists are all unique and bring something different to the table. They operate from different theoretical orientations and techniques which makes us confident someone will be the right fit for you.

Our couple’s counselling is tailored to foster communication, understanding, and empathy. We use the highly respected Gottman Method approach to address discrepancies in your relationship to find practical and meaningful solutions that will allow your relationship to flourish. We realize that relationships aren’t easy, but they are worth it. Let us guide you through the tough times and help you come out on the other end stronger.

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If you are looking for individual, couples or family counselling in Fredericton, New Brunswick, you can count on the professional services offered by Prism Counselling. To find out more about our services, or for an appointment, call us today at (506) 454-1371.