Prism Counselling
Prism Counselling is an integrative counselling and wellness service located in the heart of Downtown Fredericton. We offer a variety of mental health services to assist you on your journey to a better you. Just like you, all of our therapists are unique. We want to ensure we match you with the most fitting professional to maximize your time at Prism Counselling. We all operate from unique perspectives and come from different professional backgrounds.

Prism Psychology and Wellness

Upon entry at our office, you can have a seat in our waiting room. Your therapist will be with you shortly to offer you a complimentary beverage and to get started on working towards a better you. 

We can assure you that during these unprecedented times, we are taking the appropriate sanitization measures to ensure you feel safe in our space.

Forgot your loonie for downtown daytime parking? Not to worry! We've got a loonie jar just in case. 

Our Story

A message from the founder:

"My passion for mental health and helping out the community has always been the driving force behind my career choice. I have been working within the field of mental health in various capacities for about five years now. I have seen firsthand the lack of resources our city is unfortunately presented with. Particularly with the onset of Covid-19 creating an even larger demand for therapists, I knew that opening a practice was the avenue I wanted to pursue. As my Master's degree in Counselling Psychology was coming to a close, I made the scary decision to dive straight into the world of private practice. Then, in November 2021 Prism Counselling (formerly Prism Psychology and Wellness) came to fruition. I announced our opening and we officially started practicing January 3rd, 2022. Here we are now less than a year later with a wonderful team of people that share my passion for helping others. We all love the work we do, and I hope that shines through when you interact with us." - Katherine